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Wether you want to build the smartest building in the world or simply want to dip your toes into the world of digitalized office buildings, we have the package that fits your needs and wallet. Start to try it out for free or work with us on a digitalized infrastructure that supports thousands of users and connects them to the devices and systems that surround your building.



Starting at $0 per user.

The people who work and live in your building are your building’s community. Use your building app to provide seamless and secure mobile communication for your community, making everyday life more efficient while increasing your brand exposure.

  • User and Entitlement Management
  • Secure Public and Private Chat Groups with Event and Location Publishing
  • Wiki for all kinds of Building Information
  • Room, Space and Equipment Booking
  • Incident Management
  • Ad hoc-Task Management


Starting at $0.99 per user.

Find your co-workers and your equipment everywhere in your facility. Provide information to your users where it is most applicable. Track usage of rooms and desks. 

  • Tracking of Users
  • Tracking of equipment
  • Monitoring of room and space occupancy.
  • Distance from users to Equipment
  • Team location tracking
  • Indoor navigation
  • Support of abitrary beacon technology
  • Minimal hardware requirements and setup


Starting at $0.99 per user.

Offer your tenants digital natives to control their room temperature, blinds, and light via their smartphone. Save costs by sending them alerts on how to reduce the building's energy footprint and help your FM team monitor it all.

  • Access to room control for tenants.
  • Energy advice for all users in the building.
  • Support for standard protocols like BACnet, KNX, 
    BTLE, Z-Wave, I2C, GPIO
  • Asset management for physical devices with procurement, installation and maintenance processes for physical devices


Starting at $0.99 per user.

Take full control over who has access to which room based on role, assignment and time - all with the convenience of a smartphone. Increase tenant comfort, building security and reduce cost with this package

  • Keyless entry via the smartphone.
  • Self-service entitlements management.
  • Guest invite processes with temporary access.
  • FM process integration with access to the spaces required.

Free Trials

[thing-it]'s communication package is free for up to 4 users. Contact us if you're interested in a trial of the other packages or if you'd like a quote for your office. Make sure to let us know which packages you are interested in and what your expected amount of users is.