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Your Office Building

Your office building is the environment that shapes the days of the people working in it.  As a proud owner, you take care of the facade, the lobby, the elevators and everything else around your building. And how is your building represented digitally? 

Your App

Imagine providing the digital natives that work for your tenants with an app branded after your building that simplifies their day-to-day lives, reduces your cost, and increases your brand exposure all at the same time. 

Capabilities of Your Building App



Use chat channels or private chat groups to connect with the entire user base of the building. Effortlessly communicate with all different roles like building owners, tenants, guests, or third-party service providers such as facilities managers or caterers. Users can send chat messages, attach documents, or post images.

Arbitrary wiki page structures can be created with adding text, images, videos and other documents as well as links to 3rd-party websites and services. Whether it's a building welcome message, instructions on how to replace the water tank, or a technical document of your elevator system - crucial building information is right at the hands of the users when they need it. 

Meeting rooms, parking lots, and equipment like projectors can be booked via your building app.



Important wiki information can be linked to beacon positions to provide information about the specific location or indicate special offerings as soon as the user approaches the beacon.

Users can decide to publish their position, allowing others to locate them in the building. Building usage data is gathered anonymously allowing real-time and historical insight into the space and equipment utilization. 

Actual and historical data about tracking can be used to analyze occupancy and moving trails of users and equipment, e.g.

  • to optimize energy consumption by lowering light and temperature in unoccupied spaces,
  • perform on-demand cleaning only for office space used over the day or
  • or analyze gathering-behavior of co-workers to rearrange and optimize seating.


Equip your building with electronic control technologies from our hardware partners like Baimos blueIDKisi, or Abbas Abloy and allow your users to get keyless entry via their phone.

Entitlements to open doors are assigned centrally via the  Entitlement Management and can be granted and revoked even for the execution of concrete workflow steps such as facilities management maintenance tasks.

Tenants can grant temporary and limited access for guests, e.g. to the parking garage, the main building, and their floor's main door.



[thing-it] can be connected to your traditional building automation platform as well as the latest IoT equipment in your building. Your users get phone based access to controlling anything from HVAC, to light and blinds and escalators and whatever the industry is going to invent in the future.

Hereby, [thing-it] leverages its device connectivity features which support a broad variety of industry standards and products (BACnet, KNX, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Wifi, GPIO and others).

The configurable dashboard provides access to historical and actual data - over time and across buildings, floors or spaces from anywhere.

Complex Event Processing capabilities allow you to react to device events or state changes, activate other device functionality or kick off business processes. [thing-it] can even suggest energy saving behavior to the building's users and present them with the right control device if they want to act on it. 

We are running a combination of a smart office space and an industry 4.0 plant. With [thing-it] I can manage both. Simply a great product from a great team.
— Fabian Winopal, Tatcraft

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