From overall cost, to the experience in the hospital, and patient outcomes, technology is changing and improving healthcare. Costs can be reduced by the use of remote patient monitoring and reducing the number of hospital visits. Sensor technology offers tracking of medical devices and improves overall efficiency. Predictive maintenance decreases downtime of medical equipment offering consistent and accurate use.

The advent of new smart wear devices allows for remote patient monitoring no matter what their location. IoT platform integration with medical devices means that doctors and patients can discuss and review patient progress at home, at the medical facility, or on the road. Simplified consistent access to the data, plus sophisticated analytics tied back to patient history, can improve patient engagement and the patient outcomes.



The ability to track healthcare devices in and out of medical facilities, to be able to scan RFID tags on pharmaceutical packaging, the increased interoperability of health devices brought about via cloud based integartion - all of these things can help medical establishments improving efficiency and KPIs at a time when healthcare costs continue to rise dramatically.