Marc Gille

Dr. Marc Gille is founder and CEO of THING TECHNOLOGIES.

Previously he was SVP Product Management, FIS where he was in charge of the company’s integration and business process management technology platform and strategy.

Prior to that he founded the BPM company CARNOT, ran it as CEO, sold it to SunGard/FIS where it runs as Infinity Process Platform at virtually all major banks via SunGard products. He also made the code base of CARNOT/Infinity Process Platform one of the largest open source BPMSs in the market via Eclipse Stardust.

Marc has a background in IT, engineering and physics.


Neil Palmer is CTO of THING TECHNOLOGIES, with a particular focus on operating at cloud scale and developing business friendly data & analytics. With over 20 years of experience, Neil brings an extensive background in the development of numerous complex systems across multiple domains using a wide range of technologies. His broad experience with numerous established and cutting-edge technologies across big data, cloud computing, business intelligence and process automation enables his team to develop solutions that cost-effectively transform, enrich and move ever-increasing volumes of data across systems to yield maximum value to stakeholders.

Before helping start THING TECHNOLOGIES, Neil was CTO of FIS Advanced Technology, a technology innovation incubator and accelerator group for FIS’ Institutional and Wholesale business. This group focused on gaining experience in new technologies via a combination of research and development and consulting projects in the financial services and media industries, with the goal of helping companies understand how some of these breaking technologies will impact and enhance their businesses.

Neil also led FIS’ bid (in partnership with Google Cloud Platform) to build the Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC) proposed Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT).

Prior to FIS, Neil held management positions for several start-up organizations. Neil regularly speaks at conferences (e.g. at GCPNext 16), meetups and panels and is often quoted in business and industry media.

Klaus Berberich

Klaus has 15 years of experience in applying disruptive technologies to drive innovation in his client’s businesses via software solution design, delivery, and sales. Germany born, he started his career at CARNOT in 2001 and subsequently spent seven years in the United States based out of New York City. Prior to [thing-it], Klaus was a consulting partner in FIS’ Asset Management business where he helped some of FIS’ largest global clients on their path towards digitalization via software innovation.

His first IoT implementation was to track his wine cellar’s vitality readings while on the road, sparking a fascination for the opportunity of the same concepts in larger, more complex commercial environments. As IoT and related technologies make more of the world accessible to software, Klaus is excited to drive software based innovation in new areas.